Companion Cremation Urn with Hunter & Dog 3D Wood Inlay

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The Hunter & Dog Companion Urn with Wood Inlay Art is a larger sized memorial companion urn, ideal for two individuals. Originally sized for a husband and wife, this Hunter & Dog Companion Urn is also commonly used for a hunter and his beloved canine companion to be interred together.

The wood inlay art scene depicts a bucolic backdrop of rolling hills dotted with trees along with the ready hunter and his faithful hunting dog. This urn is made to order in the USA from a variety of woods engraved and inlaid together in a gorgeous scene ideal for honoring the lives of those who loved to hunt. Each segment in the scene is made from a different piece of wood engraved in fine detail and pieced together in an intricate inlay.

The wooden cremation urn box is available in your choice of wood: Walnut, Oak, Maple, or Mahogany. Additionally, we can laser etch a personalized inscription onto the top or back of the urn; select options above. (See below for inscription layouts) The interior, with a spacious 400 cubic inch capacity, is accessed by removing the standard screws which attach the bottom wood panel.

Hunting Companion Urn Features

  • Made to order in the USA
  • Real, solid hardwoods for entire piece
  • Choose Oak, Walnut, Maple, or Mahogany wood for the urn box
  • Picturesque "Hunter & Dog" inlay engraved wood art scene
  • Optional engraved inscription is available
  • Dimensions: 12" L  x 8-1/2" W x 8-1/2" High
  • Spacious 400 cubic inch inside capacity
  • Includes removable interior divider
  • Also available in standard urn size

Sizing Information

  • The "Hunter & Dog" companion urn has an interior capacity of 400 cubic inches
  • To estimate size needed, figure 1 cubic inch per 1 lbs of body weight
  • Example: A 190 lbs person would require an urn with 190 cubic inches capacity

Shipping & Delivery

  • Made to order within 3-5 business days
  • Free standard ground shipping included
  • Ground time in transit varies by destination; usually 5-7 business days
  • Expedited production and shipping is available
  • To arrange rush delivery, please contact us with need-by date at 877-900-5309

How to open a companion urn

Urn Video

In this video, our beautiful "Soulmates" scene is showcased, first in standard size (walnut) then in companion (oak). Skip to 0:29 seconds to view companion urn. Your urn will look very similar to this, but with the Hunter & Dog scene and your choice of wood.

Inscription Layout Options

Choose from three layout options. We will laser etch the inscription directly into the wood surface on top of the urn, creating an enduring and personalized companion urn memorial for you and your loved one. Choose one of three layouts below; to easily view layouts, set all options to "Please Choose an Option" then select layout options and an image will appear at the top in the main image area, or scroll down a bit.

Layout #3 is an example of how to tactfully avoid birth/death dates when one or both spouses are living. Another option is to put the wedding date (if one or both are living) or number of years together (when one is living; i.e., "Married 47 Wonderful Years").

Your choice of three fonts: Block, Block Italics, and Script. Personalization does not delay or significantly add to production time.

Personalized Companion Urn

Personalized Companion Urn

Personalized Companion Urn

Inscription Font Options

Here are the engraving font options, shown in Walnut wood:

Companion Urn Personalized Font Options