Full Body Burial Shroud for Natural Burial in Cotton

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Our Full Body Burial Shroud is the perfect choice for a natural burial or eco-friendly cremation. Made from 100% cotton, a sustainably produced material that has minimal environmental impact when buried or cremated.

These burial shrouds can be used as an eco-friendly and unique alternative to clothing for use in one of our natural caskets, or used in conjunction with the Willow Carrier 5'9" or Willow Carrier 6'5".To simplify the movement and transport of a shrouded body, we recommend using our Willow Carrier (sold separately) with all shrouded burials or cremations.

The shroud with handles can be used entirely on its own. A sewn-in pouch allows a rigid board to be inserted under the shroud to provide support for the body if a casket or willow carrier is not being used. Board is not included; we suggest getting a 1/2" board at a local hardware store cut at 17" wide and 5' to 6'5" long depending on the height of the individual. When you are not using a casket or carrier, we advise choosing the shroud with handles to help carry the body.

Shroud options and details

  • Natural, eco-friendly cotton, which is a sustainable resource
  • Available in two colors, natural cotton and Indigo (Denim) 
  • Absorbent and padded quilted bottom
  • Dimensions Wrapped: Approx. 77” long x 24” wide (lift weight tested up to 300 pounds) 
  • Laying Opened it's Approx. 112" L x 73" W
  • Comes with six carrying handles 
  • See usage suggestions below 

How to shroud a body

Shroud use suggestions

  • Shroud is ideal for natural burial with no casket - 
  • Shroud is recommended (but not necessary) for burial with casket 
  • Shroud is recommended for burial with willow carrier 
  • Shroud is not necessary for cremation when casket is used
  • Shroud can be used for cremation with a willow carrier 
  • Shroud can be used for cremation with no casket/carrier 

Shipping & delivery

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  • Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery