Willow Carrier for Natural Burial Viewing & Transportation (5'9")

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Our sustainably produced Willow Carrier is specifically designed for use in natural burials and funerals. Perfect for respectful viewing of a clothed or shrouded body up to 5' 9", you can also use the carrier for transportation to and from the burial site. Sturdy handles are woven together from from sustainable, biodegradable willow.

Each carrier is individually hand-woven in small communities in Bangladesh and China using locally grown willow and seagrass. Willow plants are fast-growing, easy to harvest, and do not require fertilizer. This makes them a sustainable and renewable resource for emerging communities. The willow plant also replenishes fertility in depleted soils, while also providing habitats for birds and insects. A choice product for earth-friendly burials.

The Willow Carrier for Natural Burial Viewing & Transportation features a rigid, low-density 3/4″ strawboard base with flax rope and seagrass handles which can be used for carrying. The Willow Carrier contains no metal or plastic components and features a water resistant elasticated natural cotton interior lining. The carrier can either be buried or cremated with the deceased, or the body can be removed from the carrier and it can be re-used again after the burial or cremation.

Inside dimensions: 73"L x 20"W x 5"H
Outside dimensions: 75"L x 23"W x 6"H

Ideal for use with our Bamboo Burial Shroud.