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Hunting has always been a popular sport and hobby in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Getting close to nature, studying animal life in their natural surroundings, the grit and patience required, the thrill of the hunt, and the satisfaction of eating and enjoying game provided by your own skill are all reasons why hunters are passionate about their sport.

"There are many qualities about the outdoors that deserve our appreciation. The open farmlands, the green forests, the rushing rivers, And the inescapable fact that nowhere in all this beauty will you find a decent place to hang a clock. Out here, time passes at its own pace, according to its own schedule... we just accept this. After all, what's the rush? That's what the whispering prairie grass seems to say, and the truth be told it has a good point. A turkey gobbles from over the ridge- a majestic bellow that demands we ease up. We will. The appointments can wait; that meeting can be rescheduled. So slow down, breathe deep. As the wind in the pines just reminded us, there's plenty of time."

-Mossy Oak, innovative camouflage clothing brand

For the one who loved the outdoors and enjoyed hunting, we are proud to offer a wide variety of hunting and nature-themed cremation urns. We have many urns with imagery of deer, elk, ducks, pheasants, bears, and more, not to mention majestic mountain, forest, and river scenes.

The types of urns for hunters include standard adult-sized urns, companion urns, wood urns, small keepsake urns, clock urns, and even camouflage urns. We even offer a pet urn to use a memorial urn for your hunting dog. Browse our selection of hunting urns below.

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