Create Your Own Living Memorial

Create Your Own Living Memorial

Our eco-friendly cremation urns have been extraordinarily popular as many families are finding and creating new ways to celebrate the life of a loved one while taking care of the planet.

Used for scattering, sea burial, or ground burial, our collection of biodegradable urns enables our families to forge new and meaningful traditions out in nature and away from the dreary formality of a funeral chapel.

One line within the eco-friendly collection, our selection Memorial Tree Urns, has proved to be a consistently useful and heartwarming solution to our customers. These biodegradable burial urns contain the seeds to a memorial tree in the lid, and hold a small amount (35 cubic inches) of ashes inside the urn itself. When buried, the moisture in the ground activates the seeds and causes them to germinate and grow.

Memorial Tree Urn, containing seeds to plant an oak tree

Whereas ashes generally are not helpful to plants, these urns are made from a proprietary mixture which actually utilizes the cremated remains in such a way that they nourish the seeds, causing them to grow healthy and strong. This conveys a beautiful picture of life after death.

As Jesus said in the gospel of John:

"Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit."

- John 12:24

These memorial tree urns give literal roots to this idea, and provide a touching way for you to honor the life of your loved one by incorporating the burial of their remains into the growth of a living tree.

We offer a variety of different tree seed types, including the best-selling DogwoodFlowering Cherry, and Oak trees. We have also welcomed some new additions to the collection, including Quaking AspenTulip Poplar, and perhaps the most useful of all in helping you create a unique living memorial: the Personal Choice.

Personal Choice Memorial Tree Urn

The Personal Choice memorial tree urn is made the same way as all our other memorial tree urns, with 100% biodegradable construction using the mixture which will help the ashes to be used in growing a real, living memorial. The twist is this: you provide the seeds.

This frees you from being limited to our collection of trees. You can plant any tree, bush, or flower which will grow well in your region (check with a local nursery if you're unsure). The lid of the urn has a space into which you put the seeds of your choice - anything from wildflowers to weeping willows.

This is a beautifully symbolic way to create your own living memorial while taking care of the earth.