Seascape Cremation Urn and Matching Keepsake

Seascape Cremation Urn and Matching Keepsake

The  Seascape Cremation Urn is another masterpiece of woodcraft built in the USA with premium hardwoods. The sailing coastal scene is laser engraved into several different wood pieces which are layered into a 3-dimensional art scene.


The front panel, shown here in Walnut wood and also available in Oak, features a weathered tree with branches overhanging the shoreline. The inset panel is etched in gorgeous detail with windblown clouds, rolling waves, seagulls, the setting sun, and the noble sailboat racing in with the tide.

This is a standard sized adult cremation urn, which has an interior capacity of 200 cubic inches to hold the remains. When families choose to 'share' some of the ashes among family members, one solution is to choose a cremation urn such as the Seascape to hold the majority of the remains, then give each individual a smaller matching 'keepsake urn' engraved with the same inlay art scene. This method displays a beautiful sense of unity and coherence among the family, while allowing each relative to keep a portion of their loved one's ashes.

Below you'll see an image of the smaller  Seascape Keepsake Urn pictured next to a standard sized wood urn. The standard sized urn in this photo is the Salmon Fishing Urn, which is roughly the same size as the standard Seascape Urn pictured above.

Here are some detailed images and videos that will give you a great sense of how these smaller matching keepsake urns work. Most of our  3 Dimensional Wood Art Urns can be ordered with matching smaller keepsakes, if you don't see them listed just give us a call at 877-900-5309 and we'll give you more information or help you add them to your order.

Dimensional Wood Art Keepsake Urn Video

Seascape Dimensional Keepsake Urn