10 Creative Memorial Tributes to Loved Ones

Your loved one deserves a memorial tribute to celebrate and honor their memory.

How do you do this? What are some ways you can create a tribute to your loved ones?

Here are 10 creative memorial tribute ideas for your to consider.

10 Creative Memorial Tributes

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1. Host a Memorial Event

You're probably already holding a funeral service, perhaps also a separate memorial. There are plenty of creative memorial ideas for the service, so we won't rehash those here.

Instead, we suggest that you host a special memorial event. Make it invitation-only, for those who were closest to the departed one. This will help you create a more intimate gathering that focuses on remembering your loved one's life and legacy.

Some ideas:

For further traditional options, you can learn more from this article: 10 Types of Funeral Services, Ceremonies, and Events.

2. Display a Beautiful Cremation Urn

Glass Cremation Urn for Ashes

If your loved one was (or will be) cremated, a beautiful cremation urn is one of the best memorial tributes. It will hold their remains in a way that shows proper respect, and will also look great.

You can display the urn at the funeral, of course, and then it can be set up at home or in a glass-door columbarium niche at the funeral home.

Here are some popular choices for cremation urns:

3. Set Up an Outdoor Memorial

Did your loved one enjoy the outdoors? Hiking, gardening, walks on the beach? If so, there are plenty of creative memorial tributes that you can do outside.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Garden stone
  • Start or maintain a garden
  • Memorial bench
  • Personalized wind chimes
  • Bird feeder (see next idea)

4. Get a Memorial Bird Feeder

Memorial Tribute: Personalized Bird Feeder with Inscription

This Memorial Bird Feeder is by far our most popular tribute item. It works great as a sympathy gift or as a memorial tribute to honor your loved one's memory.

There's just something so life-affirming about feeding the birds. If you place this near your home, perhaps on a porch or near to a window, you'll see the birds coming and going and it will direct your thoughts to your loved one in a special way.

These cedar wood feeders are made in the USA, designed to last, and include a personalized "in loving memory" inscription of name and dates plus the themed artwork of your choice. Available here.

5. Create a Memory Jar

A memory jar is a container filled with written stories and memories of the deceased. One easy way to get this started is to give out "My Special Memory of You" Cards at the funeral and ask attendees to write out their favorite memory. The result will be a trove of stories - some of which you may have never heard before - that you can read through at special times to remember your loved one.

Here's more about how to make a memory jar.

6. Write a Biography

Don't worry - this doesn't have to be 500 pages! You can make your loved one's biography as short (or long) as you like.

Collect stories from friends and family (they can even write portions of your book for you), and add in your own. You can leave it as a collection of short stories, organized by date, or try to piece their entire life story together with more detailed tales interspersed throughout.

It will be a treasured family heirloom, and a lasting memorial tribute to your loved one.

You can also create their biography as a custom hand-drawn comic book.

7. Plant a Tree as a Memorial Tribute

Here's an idea for someone who cared deeply about the environment and the beauty of creation. Trees for a Change is an organization that plants trees in memory of your loved one.

When you order your memorial tribute, they'll go into a section of the National Forests that has been affected by wildfires or other issues, and plant a tree where it will do the most good.

You'll receive a commemorative certificate along with geolocation details, plus photos of the trees that have been planted.

8. Raise a Glass In Memory of Your Loved One

Memorial Bottle Opener - Raise a Glass

It's simple, but creative. Get (or give) this Memorial Bottle Opener, which is personalized with their name and dates, and every time you crack open a brew you'll remember to raise your glass to honor their memory.

9. Write a Song or Poem

Tap into your creative side to write your memorial tribute. From a short 17-syllable haiku to an epic poem, you can author a special work of art as only you can in honor of your loved one.

Some ideas:

10. Create a Personalized Memorial Plaque (& Urn for Ashes)

Memorial Plaque Cremation Urns

Wall decor memorial art is another popular tribute idea, and it can be as simple or uniquely creative as you like. There are thousands of creators who paint, print, or engrave memorial plaques, so your options are nearly limitless.

We've come up with a truly original idea, which is a wall-mounted memorial plaque and cremation urn. These memorials look like traditional wall decor, but there's actually enough space to hold the cremated remains. So you can honor their memory with the personalized plaque and have it function as a very discreet urn for their remains at the same time.

Browse the Memorial Plaque Urns Collection here. You'll find themes like fishing, dragonflies, bicycles, lovebirds, and many more, each one personalized as a creative memorial tributes to your loved one.

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