5 Beautiful Urns for Ashes with Eagles

Today we're going to highlight five beautiful eagle cremation urns.

Now comes a big decision - the selection of an urn. You will want the urn to match your loved one’s personality. Since they loved eagles, we've put together an admirable collection of urns with the dignified American eagle proudly displayed.

5 Best Eagle-Themed Cremation Urns

These memorials are a fitting way to pay tribute to your loved one. Did they love the great outdoors? Did they serve in the military, or were they a patriot?

Perhaps they just loved the majesty of the eagle and the freedom that it stands for. There could be many reasons why this urn theme is suited for your loved one’s cremated remains.

Let’s take a look at 5 of our most popular eagle urn designs, and you can decide which one would best suit your needs.

1. Eagle Cremation Urn with Wood Inlay Art

Best Eagle Cremation Urns

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The inlaid wood scene on our Eagle Cremation Urn with Wood Inlay Art features an eagle soaring majestically over the forest and mountains.

This urn is a tribute to the outdoorsman or woman, a serviceman or woman, or simply because it is appealingly designed. This shape and style of urn (available with over 50 themes) is our #1 most popular design out of everything we offer.

The urn’s top can be laser engraved and personalized with your loved one’s name and dates. This solid wood urn comes in oak, walnut, mahogany, and maple. This urn is genuinely a befitting piece for your cherished one.

Displayed in your home or buried (inside an urn vault), this Eagle Cremation Urn will be a magnificent memorial.

Our urn has a 230 cubic inch capacity. One cubic inch is equal to one pound of body weight. This urn’s size is slightly larger than standard capacity.

If you're unsure about the amount of ashes, please read this helpful article.

2. Soaring Eagle Urn for Ashes with Inlay Art

Soaring Eagle Urn for Ashes

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Our attractively designed Soaring Eagle Urn with Inlay Art features the American symbol of freedom! The lofty eagle is spreading its wings over forest and mountainous terrain. The dignity of the eagle is unmatched and a fitting memorial to your loved one.

This beautiful urn comes in oak or walnut and stands 9 ⅞” tall. Our uniquely designed urn has room on the top to personalize. You can add your loved one’s names and dates or perhaps a scripture or poem. Personalization adds a finishing and distinct touch!

Displayed in a place of honor or buried in the ground (in an urn vault), this is a proper memorial to your loved one. It's also by far our most popular eagle design.

3. Laser Carved Wooden Eagle Urn

Cherry Wood Eagle Urn

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The elegant Laser Carved Wooden Eagle Urn is a simple and appealing design. The eagle in flight looks like it may be hunting as it rises above the landscape.

You may choose the finish in natural cherry, mahogany, or maple. You can engrave on all three finishes with your loved one’s name and dates.

This urn is standard size at 200 cubic inches. One cubic inch is approximately equal to one pound of pre-cremation body weight. If your loved one was 200 pounds or less, this urn would easily contain their remains. This dignified urn is suited for burial or display.

4. Mountain Splendor Wood Inlay Art Urn

Soaring Eagle & Mountain Wooden Cremation Urn

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Our beautifully designed Mountain Splendor Wood Inlay Art Urn depicts a tranquil mountain and forest scene. A majestic eagle spreads its wings flying over the land.

This urn is a work of art to be displayed in a place of honor in your home. The Mountain Splendor Urn is also perfectly suitable for burial.

Each urn is crafted in the USA from your choice of oak, walnut, mahogany, or maple. The urn easily opens from the bottom with a standard screwdriver.

5. Eagle Companion Urn with Wood Inlay Art

Eagle Companion Urn

Available here

Our  Eagle Companion Urn with Wood Inlay Art is the ideal companion urn. With various hardwoods to choose from ( oak, mahogany, walnut, and maple), you can have it engraved with your loved one’s name and dates. The craftsmen use a variety of hardwoods, layered to give a 3D effect.

The Eagle Companion Urn is perfect for the couple who enjoyed the outdoors, liked hiking in the mountains, or admired the majesty of the bald eagle. With this stunning urn, you can place a husband and wife together for eternity.

One cubic inch is equal to one pound, and the capacity of the urn is 400 cubic inches of cremated remains. So it will easily hold the ashes of two people.

More Cremation Urns

We have many more themes and designs available to honor your loved one. Deer, bicycles, fishing and more, plus other materials such as granite, ceramic, glass, and metal.

Here are 12 of our favorites.

You may also be interested in our unique and original wall-mounted plaque urns, which are perfect for personalizing as a memorial plaque to adorn the walls of your home. At the same time, these "plaque urns" hold an adult-sized amount of cremated ashes, so you can keep your loved one close without the awkward response that a cremation urn can create when visitors realize what it is.

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