Does Hobby Lobby sell cremation urns?

Does Hobby Lobby sell urns for ashes?

Hobby Lobby is famed and oft-frequented for their wonderful selection of craft, sewing, and home décor items. People often display cremation urns at home, so these memorial items can certainly be considered home décor.

So can you buy a cremation urn at Hobby Lobby - or, for that matter, at any other local store?

Let's find out.

Does Hobby Lobby sell cremation urns?

No, Hobby Lobby does not sell urns. There are no cremation urns on Hobby Lobby's store shelves. When you search online for urns at Hobby Lobby's website, there are zero results.

However, they may have a few items that can be used as an urn for ashes.

Before we get to that, here's our web search for "cremation urn":

Does Hobby Lobby have cremation urns?

As you can see, Hobby Lobby has no products or projects that could be described as a cremation urn.

We tried a variation, and looked for "urns for ashes" at Hobby Lobby:

Does Hobby Lobby sell urns for ashes?

Once again, they have no products or DIY tutorial ideas for urns for ashes.

Additionally, local places like Walmart, JoAnn's, Michael's, Costco, and others do not carry cremation urns in their stores (though a few of those offer urns online).

So where can you go to purchase a cremation urn in person?

Where to Get Urns Locally

Here are the most likely places to find a cremation urn near you.

1. Funeral Homes

Most funeral homes will have a selection of urns in their showroom, with some popular models in stock. Each funeral home will have their own way of doing things, but many tend to have a few on hand along with a catalog from which you can order.

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2. Local Artists & Craft Markets

Scour social media, downtown Saturday markets, or anywhere else that artists exhibit their wares.

Frequently you will be able to find a pottery studio that might make you a ceramic urn, a woodworker who can make a wooden urn, or perhaps even a glassblower who would accept a commission for a glass art urn.

3. Repurpose Boxes or Containers

There's no law or regulation that says a cremation urn has to meet certain regulations. In fact, any box, bag, or container will do.

There are many household items that you can repurpose to be used as an urn. Some ideas include coffee tins, mason jars, and tackle boxes (perfect for someone who loved fishing!).

4. Make Your Own

For you crafty types who love to DIY, this is probably why you're looking into Hobby Lobby for urn ideas. You know you can make just about anything, so let us make this clear:

You don't have to buy an urn from the funeral home. You don't have to buy an "official" urn. You're free to buy, create, or use anything* you want as the urn for your loved one's ashes at home or for scattering.

*However, you may need to meet certain standards for urns that are buried in a cemetery or placed in a columbarium niche. Check with the cemetery or funeral home when making your plans.

Ideas for Hobby Lobby Cremation Urns

There are still plenty of ways to get a cremation urn from Hobby Lobby or other local stores.

First, Hobby Lobby and others often have a variety of jars, vases, chests, and containers that could hold at least a portion of the cremated remains.

Second, there are many materials you can use to make your own container from scratch. Ideas for DIY urns include:

  • Paper mache (for a biodegradable burial or ocean burial urn)
  • Ceramic or baked clay kits
  • Build a wooden box or chest
  • Paint or decorate a cardboard box for eco-friendly burial
  • Adapt any jar, tin, or other container that comes with a lid
  • Purchase a decorative wooden chest
  • Finish a raw wood box or chest

Buying an Urn Online

Here at Urns Northwest, we have an abundant selection of attractive heirloom urns to honor your loved one.

Purchasing a cremation urn online is simple, affordable, and provides you with plenty of options. You can find many cheap imported options from online marketplaces such as Amazon, WalMart, or Costco.

If you're looking for something come enduring, we specialize in artisan-made items that are mostly made in the USA (though 

Browse some of our favorite ideas below, see our all-time bestsellers, shop our entire collection of cremation urns.

Together Again Companion Urn

Together Again Companion Urn

One of our most popular designs of all time, this wood urn boasts space to hold the remains of a husband and wife together. The inlay uses laser-etched woods layered in their natural colors to create a lifelike, intimate, and heartwarming 3-dimensional scene.

Authentic Wood Urn with Military Emblem

Wood Urn with Military Emblem

Made in the USA from solid wood, the Wooden Military Cremation Urn presents the perfect way to honor a military service member. Choose Walnut, Oak, Cherry, and more for the wood, along with military branch emblem and optional personalized inscription.

Ceramic Gold Cylinder Artisan Cremation Urn

Gold Ceramic Art Urn

The Ceramic Gold Cylinder Artisan Cremation Urn showcases a timeless beauty combined with a modern aesthetic. Handcrafted in Poland yet shipped to your door within just a few business days, this is a stunning choice to honor your beloved.

Wood Urn with 3D Deer Inlay Art

Deer Cremation Urn

Our Deer Cremation Urn is a popular choice for hunters. Made from solid wood in the USA and available in your choice of genuine walnut, maple, oak, or mahogany.

Mother of Pearl Metal Urn

Mother of Pearl Brass Urn

A gorgeous tribute from LoveUrns, the Mother of Pearl Urn is made from brass with hand-cut and inlaid mother of pearl accents.

Floral Heart Love Memorial Plaque Urn

Does Hobby Lobby Have Cremation Urns?

Here's a plaque that looks like something you might find at Hobby Lobby. It's different in several respects:

  • Made in the USA (not a cheap import)
  • Handcrafted from hearty woods (not lightweight junk)
  • Personalized (not mass produced)
  • Holds cremated remains (wait... what??)

Yes, our one-of-a-kind line of Memorial Plaque Urns are made by hand right here in America and feature front and back panels that allow you to keep your loved one's ashes discreetly hidden in the plaque itself.

Be sure to check out all the beautiful designs!

Pink Neoteric Ceramic Urn for Ashes

Pink Ceramic Urn

The Pink Neoteric Ceramic Urn boasts a smooth, clean, sophisticated appearance with pink and blue hues. A stunning art memorial for your beloved.

Cherry Wood Urn with Art Carving

Cherry Wood Urn for Ashes

Solid cherry wood with a rich cherry stain makes the decorative carvings stand out all the more on this Cherry Wood Urn. It's been one of our most popular designs for many years.

Passage Ceramic Urn with Memorial Candle Holder

Ceramic Art Urn with Candle

Hobby Lobby has many candles and candle holders. But they certainly don't have a memorial candle holder that doubles as a cremation urn and a gorgeous art piece worthy of any home.

The Passages Ceramic Urn with Memorial Candle Holder comes in many colors, including the "Craquelure" which is pictured above.

See all the colors here.

Maple Wood Urn with Custom Photo Engraving

Urn with Photo Engraving

Did you know that you can have your loved one's photo laser etched onto an attractively rustic wood urn? Made in the USA and personalized to order just for you, the Maple Wood Urn with Engraved Photo presents a tribute to your loved one's memory.

Classic Cultured Marble Urn in Sky Blue

Blue Marble Urn

Cultured marble is affordable yet long-lasting. These urns are beautiful enough to look great anywhere, and also durable enough to be buried in the ground (and you won't even need a burial vault). The Sky Blue Cultured Marble Urn is a wonderful choice, just one of many beautiful color options.

Dragonfly Raku Ceramic Urn

Dragonfly Raku Urn for Ashes

Raku fired urns are incredible to see in person, which explains why they are incredibly popular as cremation urns. This design features a dragonfly to memorialize your beloved.

Cardinal Wood Inlay Urn

Cardinal Urn for Ashes - Bird Lover Memorial

Available here in your choice of walnut, oak, maple, or mahogany.

Bella Aegean Glass Urn

Glass Urns for Ashes

Our hand-blown glass urns are true works of art. This one is the Bella Hand Blown Glass Urn in Aegean Color, and we have many more color combinations in several different shape types for your consideration. Browse the whole collection of Glass Urns.

Military Memorial Urn Plaque

Military Plaque Cremation Urn

The ideal tribute for a fallen soldier, the Military Memorial Urn Plaque includes personalization of your beloved veteran's name, dates, and more along with the American Flag.

Lighthouse Urn with Coastal Inlay

Lighthouse Urn with Wood Inlay

Hobby Lobby has the market cornered on beach décor for ocean lovers. So if you frequent this beloved craft and home store, and if you also love lighthouses and the ocean, then you probably know exactly what we mean. But one thing that Hobby Lobby does not have is a cremation urn like this (as we've said, they don't offer urns at all).

Take a look at the Lighthouse Urn with Coastal Inlay. Made in America from your choice of solid wood (mahogany, maple, oak, or walnut), this just might be the perfect way to memorialize your loved one.

Tranquility Wood Urn for Ashes

Tranquility Turned Wood Urn

The Tranquility Wood Turned Urn is a hand-turned walnut wood memorial crafted from a single block of found walnut wood. The artisan hunts through the forest to find fallen trees so that no trees are cut down to make these urns. The artist then takes the chunks of wood and crafts them by hand into something like the marvelous piece that you see here.

As you might suspect, the natural wood grain patterns are unique to each and every urn, so your loved one's urn will look different from the one pictured above (and be all the more special because of it).

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