10 Best Cremation Urns for Dad

Here are our 10 most popular cremation urns for Dad.

If you're looking for a creative and unique way to honor your father's memory through the choice of urn for ashes, we've got you covered.

At Urns Northwest, we specialize in top-quality urns (almost all made to order in the USA) at affordable prices. We're here to help with the best customer service in the industry, so feel free to contact us with any questions.

10 Best Cremation Urns for Dad

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If you need to learn about how to choose an urn, see our 5 Minute Guide to Choosing an Urn. For more on sizing information, use our Urn Size Calculator.

1. Deer Inlay Wood Art Urn

Inlay Wood Art Cremation Urn - Ideal for Dad's Memorial

We'll begin our best-of list with the very best. Our entire line of Wood Inlay Art Cremation Urns is worth a look - for nearly twenty years, these incredibly beautiful urns have been top choices for everyone, and especially for dads.

Made in the USA from solid wood, each urn is available in several different wood types to suit your tastes. Designs include everything from bears to cowboys to lighthouses and much more.

The scene is built in layers, inlays crafted from different pieces of wood in their natural colors. Each piece is laser etched for detail, then layered into the urn to create a dynamic yet soothingly peaceful scene.

The Deer Wood Cremation Urn is just one of dozens of designs. This one is ideal for the dad who loved the outdoors, whether hunting or hiking or simply enjoying the beauty of God's creation.

2. Freedom Military Service Urn

Military Wood Cremation Urn for Dad

Did your father serve his country well in the armed forces? If he was proud of his service in the Air Force, Army, Navy, or Marine Corps, then go with our Freedom Wood Military Cremation Urn.

This urn is crafted in the USA from solid wood, in your choice of Oak (as pictured above), Walnut, Cherry, or Rosewood. Includes medallion for the specific military branch, and optionally you can add surface engraving of name and dates below the medallion.

With authentic American-made craftsmanship, this memorial truly honors a father who dedicated his life to his country.

(See more military urns here.)

3. Bicycle Cremation Urn

Best Urns for Dad - Bicycle Urn for Ashes

This one is a supremely popular urn for anyone who loved cycling - dads especially! If your papa bear was passionate about riding, we think you'll agree that the Bicycle Road Home Wood Cremation Urn

is the one you want. It's available with your choice of handlebars (curved for road riding, straight for off-road) and we can also customize it with a personalized inscription on top.

4. Blue Hand-Blown Glass Cremation Urn

Blown Glass Urns for Ashes

Our hand-blown glass urns are made in Oregon, crafted individually and to order. This Blue Glass Cremation Urn is a handsome and artistic way to honor a beautiful soul.

5. Gone Fishing Memorial Plaque Urn

Gone Fishing Memorial Plaque Urn for Dad

Our signature line of Memorial Plaque Urns are just the thing when you don't want to be too obvious about displaying the ashes. Designed to look like a memorial wall decor piece (which they certainly are!), these plaques are unique because they also hold the full amount of cremated remains between the front and back panels.

If your dad loved to fish, you know he'd appreciate the Gone Fishing Wall Mounted Wood Plaque Urn. Personalization is included, and you can choose from one of nine types of fish.

6. Custom Engraved Photo Wood Urn

Engraved Photo Cremation Urn - Custom Urns for Dads

With Dad's photo engraved onto a gorgeous Maple wood cremation urn, you'll lock in your favorite memory of him forever. The Maple Wood Cremation Urn with Laser Engraved Photo Memorial is a wonderful (and very popular) choice to honor your loved one's memory.

7. Classic Marble Cremation Urn

Camouflage Urn in Marble

Camouflage is bold yet earthy and understated at the same time. For some Dads, the Classic Cultured Marble Urn in Camo will be just right. Maybe he was into hiking, hunting, preservation, or birding. Perhaps he was in the military, or worked as a park ranger.

Even if he wasn't into camo, marble is still a solid choice (if you'll forgive the pun). So check out the many additional colors available in our Stone Urns collection. Stone looks especially beautiful when engraved with an inscription.

8. Laser Carved Train Cremation Urn

Laser Carved Wood Train Urn for Dad

Beautiful cherry wood. Bold etching of a locomotive. Made in the USA. Premium quality. The Laser Carved Train Cremation Urn is the perfect memorial for a guy who was into trains.

ferroequinologist, if you will. (Yeah, we didn't know what it meant either.)

9. Raku Fired Ceramic Urn

Raku Ceramic Urn for Dad

Handcrafted and fired right here in the Pacific Northwest, this Raku Ceramic Urn is a modern - yet seemingly ancient - work of art.

10. Soaring Eagle Cremation Urn

Soaring Eagles have long been a symbol for independence and high-flying adventure. Plus, with this gorgeous wood inlay art scene of mountains, trees, and the majestic bird of prey, the Soaring Eagle Wood Inlay Cremation Urn is the perfect urn for the dad who loved nature and the Great Outdoors.

More Cremation Urns for Dad

So those were some of what we think are the best urns for dad - based on over 20 years of providing memorials to families in need.

But our picks may not line up with your preferences... Not to worry! We have plenty more options for you.

Whether you think a rustic wood urn or an ornate metal urn would be the perfect choice for dad's ashes, you'll find something to love in our extensive collection of memorials.

More Wood Inlay Cremation Urns for Dad

Golf Cremation Urn for Dad

The Golf Inlay Art Cremation Urn is perfect for the golfing enthusiast dad. No matter what he was interested in - sailing, surfing, farming, touring lighthouses, bicycling, horses, and so on - we have an inlay art scene which will take your breath away.

Browse our Inlay Art Cremation Urns collection and find the perfect urn for him.

More Memorial Plaque Urns for Dad

The Motorcycle Wall Mounted Wood Cremation Urn Plaque is a newer addition to our Pacific Crest Memorial Plaque Urns series. With tons of available designs and full customization included, we're sure you'll find a plaque & urn combo that is perfect for your beloved father.

Oh, and we also have more motorcycle-themed urns here.

Classic Metal Urns

Metal Urns for Dad

The Classic Pewter Urn is one of our most popular metal urns, a clean, stately piece with gentle adornments. Just one of many in our Classic Metal Urns collection, many of which are ideal for dads.

Classic Wood Urns

Classic Wood Urns - Cedar

This Cedar Wood Urn is one of the best-sellers in our Classic Wood Cremation Urns collection. We have tons more, each one crafted with care, skill, and precision. Because your loved one deserves it!

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