Best Cremation Urns for Ashes in 2020

In 2020, we've found that families are searching for and purchasing cremation urns for ashes in two broad categories.

All of our top sellers for the past calendar year were either:

  1. Elegant yet affordably priced, or
  2. Premium with unique designs

While the true low-end urns tend to sell well on large marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart, when families want to honor their loved one with a gorgeous memorial with American-made artistry and craftsmanship, they turn to us at Urns Northwest.

We've been selling cremation urns online since 2000, and our collection has grown to include some of the most beautiful, interesting, and unique memorials on the market.

At the same time, we have many timeless urn designs that have been best-sellers for years.

Here are five of the best cremation urns for ashes in 2020.

2020: Best Cremation Urns for Ashes

1. Hamilton Cremation Urn

The Hamilton Cremation Urn perfectly combines elegance, affordability, and good old-fashioned made-in-the-USA craftsmanship.

Built in an Oregon wood shop from your choice of walnut (pictured above), cherry, or oak wood, the Hamilton has been on our bestseller lists for almost a decade.

2. Together Again Companion Urn

A tender laser carved wooden inlay art scene of an elderly couple, still obviously in love, adorns the Together Again Companion Urn.

The couple - together again at last - is walking arm in arm towards the setting sun on their final journey in the 'road home'.

This companion-sized urn (for the remains of two people) is built to hold the remains of two individuals, often a husband and wife. The scene is laser carved from various hardwoods in their natural colors and inlaid in layers to produce a lifelike and moving scene. 

3. Dragonfly Raku Urn

In Raku firing, the ceramic artist takes each piece of pottery from the kiln red hot, the molten glaze silken and glowing.

The urn is then placed in a bed of straw or leaves in an air-tight container. This causes the dry plant material to immediately burst into flame as the “reduction chamber” is sealed.

The flame and the smoking, oxygen starved atmosphere transform the glaze surface creating the unique, seemingly ancient, colors and textures of Raku.

The beautiful dragonfly image adorning the front of this Dragonfly Raku Urn combines with the unique variations of each vessel to create a true work of ceramic art. 

4. Boston II Cremation Urn

The Boston II Cremation Urn is another budget-friendly combination of timeless design and affordable craftsmanship.

The ornate yet understated Victorian design is handcrafted in the USA from your choice of Cherry, Oak, or Walnut hardwoods and a lovely finish.

5. Soaring Eagle Cremation Urn

The Soaring Eagle Cremation Urn is another "dimensional" wood carved urn, crafted to perfection with an iconic scene of an eagle soaring high above the trees with a mountain range in the background.

A beautiful memorial urn for nature lovers, hikers, military service members, and more, this has been a top-selling design for over a dozen years.

More Best-Selling Cremation Urns for 2020

Additional top sellers, not mentioned above, include:

Our new line of memorial plaque urns is also catching on with families looking for a unique urn alternative. These are wall-mounted cremation urns for ashes that look just like a laser etched wooden memorial plaque. Personalization is included, and many designs are available.

Memorial Plaque Urns - Cremation Urns for Ashes

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