15 Beautiful Cremation Boxes to Honor Your Loved One

What is a cremation box?

A cremation box is a beautiful container designed to hold your loved one's ashes in a respectful and dignified way.

Also simply and more generally known as cremation urns, cremation boxes are specifically box-shaped. Rectangular or square, the defining characteristics of a cremation box are the flat surfaces (ideal for engraving) and 90-degree corners.

Let's take a look at some of the most beautiful cremation boxes on the planet.

15 Beautiful Cremation Boxes

Due to the rectangular or square shape, most cremation boxes are made from wood or stone, such as marble. Those are two of the most popular cremation urn materials, and can be personalized in amazing ways.

The boxed or rectangular shape is ideal to fit into a columbarium niche. We feature several attractive urn designs below that are specifically designed to fit in most common funeral home niches.

Each of these urns are well crafted memorials, made in the USA, with optional personalization of a laser engraved inscription. Any of these will be well deserving of your choice to serve as a cremation box to hold your loved one's remains and honor their memory.

1. Cardinal Inlay Art Cremation Box

Cremation Boxes: Cardinal Urn

Wood urn crafted Oregon with an inlay of a cardinal bird. Available here.

2. Eastern Tennessee Cedar Wood Urn

Aromatic Cedar Wood Urn for Ashes

Sometimes, simplicity and authenticity are all it takes to make something truly beautiful. Aromatic Eastern Tennessee Cedar makes this urn in a class all by itself, and it's affordable, too. Available here,

3. Cultured Marble Urn in Your Choice of Color

Cultured Marble Urns

Our cultured marble urns come in a wide selection of colors and are perfect for an engraved inscription. Available here.

4. Lighthouse Cremation Urn with Inlay Art Ocean Scene

Lighthouse Urn

These inlays are made from layers of solid woods (in their natural colors) that give a lifelike 3-dimensional look and feel. This one is perfect for the lighthouse enthusiast or beach lover. Available here.

5. Cherry Wood Urn with Sculpture Art Carving

Cherry Urn Cremation Boxes

A classy wood urn made in solid cherry with a rich cherry stain and gorgeous decorative etching that goes all around the box. Available in several variations:

6. Granite Cremation Box with Photo Etching

Cremation Urn with Photo

If you have a treasured photo of your loved one, order this urn and send in your photo. We'll etch it onto this granite urn in a frosty white along with (included) personalized inscription. Available here.

7. Freedom Military Urn Box

Freedom Military Urn Box

This is our most popular military urn. It's affordable, well-crafted (right here in the USA), comes in several different wood types, and includes the military emblem for your loved one's service (Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines). Available here.

8. Premium Niche Cremation Box (Fits Arlington Cemetery Niches)

Niche Urns

This simple wood urn fits perfectly into the niches at Arlington National Cemetery. But more than that, you can actually fit two of these into one niche, meaning that a husband and wife can be interred together. Available here.

9. Deer Wood Cremation Urn with Inlay Art

Deer Inlay Art Walnut Wood Urn

Ideal for the hunter or outdoor enthusiast, this mountain scene features a 3-dimensional inlay of a deer, tree, and framed border. The box itself comes in your choice of oak, maple, mahogany, or walnut wood. Available here.

10. Fishing Inlay Art Cremation Urn Box

Fishing Urn for Ashes

The wood inlay art depicts your loved one reeling in a big one. Available here.

11. Budget-Friendly Hamilton Wood Urn

Affordable Cremation Boxes

Here is our most popular budget-friendly wood urn. It's still a premium item, with thick, solid, well-crafted wood made by hand in our Oregon wood shop. Available here.

12. Personalized Book/Bible Cremation Urn

Personalized Book Urn

This one is actually shaped like a book, with a walnut wood 'cover' and maple etched with lines for the 'pages' and a lovely decorative border. Includes personalized inscription. Available here

13. Hummingbird Wood Urn with Inlay Art

Hummingbird Urn

Another beautiful and popular inlay art urn, this one features a hummingbird flitting over flowers. See more details here.

14. Together Again Companion Urn

Together Again Cremation Urn for Two People

This is our most popular companion urn (an urn for two people's remains). The gorgeous wood craftsmanship, the timeless old country road, and the sweet couple walking arm in arm on their final journey home.

It just doesn't get much better than that. Available here.

15. Maple Wood Photo Urn

Cremation Box Photo Urn

Elegant white maple wood looks amazing when laser engraved with your loved one's photograph. Available here.

Bonus: Wall Mounted Cremation Boxes

Lovebirds Cremation Box (Wall Mounted Urn for Ashes)

This one wouldn't typically be called a box, but - as with many things - it's true that boxes come in all shapes and sizes.

Our Wall Mounted Plaque Cremation Urns are longer and more "shallow" than any of the others on the list, but they still have the surfaces and corners that define a box.

Made in the USA, each once includes personalization so you can create the perfect decorative memorial urn to display in your home.

We have many designs available:

Love Heart Memorial Plaque & Cremation Urn

Gone Fishing Cremation Urn Plaque

Because someone we love is in heaven...

Browse the complete collection of memorial plaque urns here.

More Types of Cremation Urns

Boxes aren't the only style of urns on the market. The most popular shape, perhaps, is the traditional rounded "vase" shape vessel. Often made from metal, ceramic, or glass, these urns can also be rather beautiful.

Glass Urns

Ceramic Urns

Metal Urns

Shop our most popular urns here: Best Selling Urns for Ashes

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